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Astin Trew

Established in 2003, Astin Trew creates very high quality home audio products that convey the emotion and passion of real music as naturally as possible. The Astin Trew design team are themselves passionate music lovers and music makers, who strive to bring you products that retain the musical ‘essence’, normally only obtainable through much more expensive audio products.

Astin Trew products are designed and now manufactured Britain. They look good, are built to a high standard and are competitively priced. Not surprising, then, that our products receive very high praise from reviewers in the serious Hi-Fi press around the world.

We have created some of the most natural sounding and musically engaging audiophile products in their respective price bands. So that you can judge this for yourself, we only sell through specialist Hi-Fi Audio Distributors and Retailers, who can fully demonstrate our products to you and provide ongoing support.