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Phono voorversterker PULSARE II

This was our design goal, because over the years, the many phono stages we have listened too, whilst offering excellent technical performance, lacked that something that makes the music sound and feel real. We call it 'shear power'. Its that feeling of presence, solidity and drive that separates just listening to a HiFi system with the feeling of being in the presence of the performance.

Logically manufacturing turntables that already create that feeling, turntables with exceptionally low background noise and impressive isolation to prevent distortion, we wanted to create a phono stage that embodied these qualities.

Pulsare II

Designed from first principles, Pulsare II is fully balanced throughout, keeping noise exceptionally low. Distortion across the audio spectrum is very low and with an impressive headroom, there's never a feeling of 'running out of steam'.

Employing extremely high-specification components, every attribute is of the highest order. At no point, in the circuit is signal integrity compromised, using a bank of relays for every adjustment. Inputs and outputs are both XLR and RCA, and whilst running fully balanced internally, the output is optionally balanced or unbalanced. Gain, resistance and capacitance are all easily adjustable from the front panel and offer exceptional flexibility.

Pulsare II

Following our policy of continuous improvement, Pulsare II introduces additional features. A mono facility, subsonic filter and a custom resistance setting, giving the option to precisely tailor resistance values to any given cartridge. Achieved by adding internal RCA plugs fitted with resistor values as required to alter the 47k loading to the desired value.

Pulsare II

Passionately manufactured within our own facilities, everything from PCB assembly, testing and quality control to the high quality casework ensures a long lasting reliable product, all at a very affordable price.

Put bluntly, this is a ground-up revolutionary design which communicates honestly and embraces dynamic attack with aplomb.

Pulsare II is when listening becomes an experience.

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Noise: < -81dB MM <-67dB MC
Distortion: < 0.001%
RIAA: 5Hz - 70kHz +/-0.5dB
Gain: 40dB - 50dB - 60dB - 70dB
Resistance loading: 10R - 30R - 100R - 300R - 500R - 1k - 5k - 10k - 47k - Custom
Capacitance loading: 100pf - 200pf - 500pf - 1.5nf - 10nf - 20nf
Subsonic Filter: 1st Order slope, -3dB @ 10Hz
Power supply: Double regulated with 300va transformer
Voltage input: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 10 watts max. (depending on region)
Dimensions: 290 x 240 x 100mm (WxDxH)
Net weight: Control unit - 3.8Kg (8.4lb) PSU - 6.4Kg (14lb)
Packaging: 370 x 310 x 380mm (WxDxH)
Shipping weight: 12.0Kg (27lb)