Headphone Amplifier GIELLA ∏

Giella ∏ is the new headphone amplifier created by Fredrik Lejonklou. Its name stands for 'Language' in Sami which is spoken by the inhabitants of the upper northern part of Scandinavia.
While looking sober and functional from the outside this design is again the end result of years of engineering, measuring and listening. Only after having passed the final listening test where Fredrik Lejonklou found himself totally immersed into the music he considered Giella ∏ to be ready for production and being presented to the public.


This headphone amp - which acts as a remarkably good preamplifier as well - shares a number of components and its power regulation circuit from Entity the MC phono preamplifier that has been released end of 2019. Naturally is has been built as a dual mono design with the shortest possible signal paths.
One distinctive feature that stands out from the outside is its silverplated (all-analogue) volume control which a zircona stone as an indicator and made by his mother and silversmith Kerstin Öhlin Lejonklou.


Dimensions (WxHxD) 103x58x220 mm
Weight 930 g
Mains input voltage (two versions) 230 or 115 VAC
Fuse (inside the case) T1A
Input impedance 50 kΩ
Max output level 6.5 Vrms (peak ±9 V)
Gain at full volume 9.9 dB (3.13 times)
Recommended headphone impedance 32 to 600 Ω
Output impedance line outputs 300 Ω
Recommended impedance power amp >3 kΩ
Power consumption Less than 5 W